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Marguerite Thorpe

Hands & Feet


This fabulous hand treatment regenerates your skin by exfoliating from finger tips to elbows. cutting and filing the nails, tidying the cuticles, massaging from finger tips to elbows with softening hydrating body milk and finishing with a polish of our choice.


Manicure                                                       45 min                               £18.95

With french polish                                        60 min                               £21.50

File and varnish                                           20 min                                £16.00



Oriental Style Reflexology

This treatment is a mixture of Taiwanese reflexology combined with Shiatsu which is excellent for digestion, stress, tiredness and poor circulation, as well as helping to boost your immune system. All this together is creating a great sense of relaxation.

30 min                                     £28


Perfect Pedicure

A treat for your feet. Your feet are soaked in a relaxing foot spa. We exfoliate from the sole of the feet to the knee and then remove the hard skin from your soles before smoothing away any roughness. Your nails are clipped and filed, your cuticles tidied and we will finish with a relaxing foot and leg massage before the polish of you choice is applied.

                                                                    60 min                               £29.50

French Polish                  £32.50