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GERnetic Spa Facial

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry / mature skin

Using a marine algae/seaweed mask. This facial is excellent for softening, rejuvenating and nourishing; bringing a new radiance to your skin.

60 min            £39.95


GERnetic Spa Body Polish

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.

Using sea salts combined with essential oils, this treatment gets rid of all impurities and dry dead skin cells leaving your skin soft and velvety smooth

30 min                36.00


GERnetic Spa Slimming or Detoxifying

These two spa treatments are totally relaxing. First aromatherapy oil is massaged from feet to neck, then the warm marine algae mask is applied all over your body. You are then wrapped up in a cocoon and we will give you a sensational scalp massage before we leave you to relax. You will finish with an invigorating shower to wash off all traces of algae, and then we will finish by applying an appropriate cream for your skin and body.


100 min            £68.00