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Waxing - A more effective way of getting rid of your unwanted body hair

Waxing is generally considered to be better than shaving or using depilatory cream because hair is removed from the root instead of just below the skin surface. Regrowth is a lot slower and appears softer and less stubbly as hairs grow back with a fine rather than a blunt tip. Over an extended period of time, the hair can stop growing.


What to expect:

Before starting your therapist will ask you about any adverse reactions you may have had to previous treatments and about the sensitivity of your skin in general.

They may then give you a patch test, usually on your forearm, to make sure you are not allergic to the products.

A Special pre-wax cleanser is applied. A light dusting of talc may be applied against the direction of you hair growth, which makes hair easier to see, especially if they are fair.

Using a spatula, the therapist will then start to put on the wax, spreading it in a thin film over the area.

Fabric or bonded fibre strips are the applied and pulled away quickly from the skin against the direction of hair growth. Any hairs that  ‘get away’ can be removed by tweezing, although  stubborn contenders may need a second application of wax.

An anti-septic after-wax cleanser is then applied to remove any sticky residue and protect the skin against infection, followed by after-wax lotion to help cool the skin and replace lost moisture.


Getting the best from waxing:

Avoid waxing if you’re suffering from:

Recent scar tissue, bruising, moles or warts, inflammations, rashes, very thin or sensitive skin, varicose veins, cold sores, conjunctivitis, within 24 hours after sunbathing or sun treatment, immediately before or after sauna.